📷 “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Kaffeezeit. JPEG, SOOC.

Interior of a coffee shop in Berlin. Black and white photo with a silhouette of a woman.

📷 Coffee. JPEG, SOOC.

Small wooden table with a flat white, a filtered coffee, and sunglasses.

📷 My minifigure helping me to identify LEGO minifigures. JPEG, SOOC.

Baby holding LEGO minifigure bags

📷 Ice Cream Parlor. JPEG, SOOC.

Black and white photo of the outside of an ice cream parlor

📷 Alexanderplatz and TV Tower. Taken with Obscura

Silhouette of Berlin TV Tower and Alexanderplatz Station in black and white.

📷 tinyScientist exploring the neighborhood. JPEG, SOOC.

Black and white photo of a baby in a Kinderwagen being pushed by his mother.

📷 Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 LEGO brick on the asphalt. JPEG, SOOC.

Single old LEGO brick on the road

📷 Dath Vader. JPEG, SOOC.

Photo of an old car/truck which somehow resembles Darth Vader

📷 Floating lights. The cars and buildings are reflections on the store window, and the neon is on the store’s back wall. I’m across the street. Somewhere in Berlin.

📷 Kidneys. Taken with Obscura.

3-D sculpture representing kidneys in a Hospital in Berlin.

📷 Museum Island. JPEG, SOOC.

📷 Cameras.

📷 Spiderweb.

📷 Not that wall.

📷 Back home after work trip.

📷 Unicorn at work.

📷 Espresso.

📷 Barbecue. Team outing in Lithuania.